Even if I have traveled many thousand miles and if I was born far away from here in a country of pleasant memories, or whether or not I was fortunate enough to have had my cradle already on this free and holy ground, which we call Canada, or whether or not you had the privilege of being raised here first beside the beautiful blue Rocky Mountains, their shady valleys and mighty glaciers which touch the azure dome of the universe, their rivers thundering from the eternal rocks toward the oceans and bays in magnificent cascades, our common obligations before God makes us one people. Formed by our ancient religions and customs and with the respect of our many different racial origins towards each other, have we decided to become one nation. Let, therefore, no one forget this, whether eternal hardship is with us or whether discouragement echoes throughout our personal lives in trying to be successful. Should there be tears and trouble with us, living in the mansions of our cities or in a broken-down hut on a naked rock on a barren and lonesome island, we shall not forget but remember that we are one people and our never-ending love for this country shall give us our protection in the existence of our chosen government that there be justice to the poor, sharing by the rich and caring for our suffering citizens now and in the future to come.

Let, therefore, no one disgrace the efforts which made this country, welded together by our politicians, fostered by our artists and gloriously defended by our soldiers, that if we may once end our lives let it be with the fulfillment of at least one promise so our souls may unite, touching the adorned shrines of our ancestors, the holy places of worship, wherever they rest, so that their spirits may sound in praise to ring out a thunderous,

“O Canada”

(Book of Thought)

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