The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) was introduced in 1986 as a way for successful business people who intend to live in Quebec, to secure permanent residence in Canada in exchange for making an investment with the Province. Interest generated from these funds is used to support the economy of Quebec by funding programs aimed at supporting small-to-medium sized enterprises, and the integration of new immigrants and visible minorities.

Program Requirements:

The applicant must have:

1) At least two years of management experience during the 5 years preceding the application;

2) A legally-accumulated net worth in excess of CAD2,000,000; and

3) The intention to reside in the Province of Quebec and commit to investing CAD1,200,000.

Program Benefits:

No language requirements
Status in Canada is not conditional on creating a business
Guaranteed investment, backed by the Quebec Government
Financing is available for the required investment.
Important Note: Candidates who can speak French, will receive priority processing from Quebec Immigration, greatly reducing the time required to process their applications. Furthermore, they are also not subject to the quota system.

The QIIP is currently on hold and is under revision by the Government. There could be some modifications once the Program reopens.

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